Hang out
Go on quests
Build worlds
Run a business
Automate everything
Program games
Make music

with friends

Recess is a daily online meet-up for homeschoolers, harnessing play to nurture meaningful connections and foster learning in a safe virtual world.

What you'll get

Weekly Cohorts

Every kid can join a cohort that meets once a week to work on difficult collaborative challenges. In Cohorts, expert facilitators will guide the kids through games with a focus on design, strategy and engineering skills.

Awesome Events

Kids choose their own events from our marketplace. They can join to make games, participate in competitions, negotiate against AIs, meet famous youtubers, and more.

Recess Social

A safe social platform to kids to connect and play together. Moderated by trained facilitators. In Recess, kids make all the decisions.

Screen time you can feel great about

  • Socialplay.

    At Recess, kids can run up to each other (virtually) and recruit each other to play games together.

    We also host social events around popular games to help kids find their crew.

  • Curatedplay.

    We analyze games for their level of complexity, their collaboration potential, and for the approachability of their interface.

    Recess hosts events and designs challenges on top of amazing games.

  • Guidedplay.

    Guided play [research] is a pedagogical approach where educators support self-directed exploration. The kids are in the driver seat; we’re here to ask good questions and provide meaningful challenges.


"My son looks forward to Recess every day. He's made some of his best friends at Recess and it fills an important gap for our family. Not to mention he's traded some of his Roblox time for Chess and building in Minecraft. The guides are amazing and they really look out for your kids. "

Annie A.
Mom of 12yo in Recess

"For everything from automating production lines in Factorio to exploring caves in Terraria, I've found awesome people to go on adventures with."

Matthew F.
9yo in Recess

"Engaging with fellow gamers who share his passion for Minecraft has not only brought him joy but also nurtured his social interactions and problem-solving abilities.  I particularly value the presence of responsible adults who oversee the group sessions, actively reengaging Charlie whenever he encounters frustration or veers off course, and encouraging him to try new things."

Laura K.
Mom of 12yo in Recess

“I like Recess because I can make new friends and meet up with them every day and play all sorts of different games. ”

Daniel M.
9yo in Recess

"I really am impressed with everyone and the activities you provide. My son said that Recess is the best thing that’s ever happened to him!"

Julina S.
Mom of 9yo in Recess

"My son made his first scratch game during Recess. Then, one of the guides helped him host the game inside Recess so other kids could play it. He lit up from seeing friends play his game, and he's been building in Scratch ever since."

Mike M.
Dad of 9yo in Recess



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$98 per kid/month
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2 weeks Recess+ free. Then, pick your plan.
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